George Town Literary Festival Wrap-Up

We all went to Penang for the Malaysian launch of Tell Me, Kenyalang! And it was great, though I don't know if we managed to document it very well. Thanks so much to Eliot Weinberger, who said some very nice things about Tell Me, Kenyalang in his lecture "New Trade Routes of the World" – maybe a version of that will be published at some point?

Here's Kulleh Grasi on a panel with Canadian writer Darrel McLeod, Australian writer Julie Janson, and moderator Chris Parry as part of a panel entitled "First Nation, Last in Line":

We had a book launch! But I was on stage so I didn't take any pictures of that. It is too bad: Kulleh looks as good as a suit as he does in a loincloth. Maybe some pictures will turn up? In the interim, here's a video of Nading Rhapsody playing a song at China House:

Here's the band being interviewed by Astro Awani, a Malaysian cable news channel, after the show:

And you can see that clip here (or here, I suspect these links aren't long for the world), though most of what's being said is in Malay.

Here's Jennifer Kronovet on a panel with poet/editor/blurber Jeffrey Yang and the Tamil publisher Kannan Sundaram in a discussion moderated by Christine Edwards entitled "From Ink to Blink":

And we sold a lot of books! Thanks booksellers!

Circumference EditorsNovember 26, 2019