Circumference Books

Circumference Books is a press for poetry in translation. Our books highlight the process of translation and how that work is rooted in collaboration. Each multi-lingual project will foreground original design solutions, making visual the relationships between languages, cultures, writers, and translators.

Circumference Books supports the creative and urgent work of bridging cultures and languages. Our projects spotlight non-national languages and foster cross-linguistic poetic exchange.

Our next book Arvind Krishna Mehrotra's translation of Vinod Kumar Shukla's Treasurer of Piggybanks, is now available for preorder!

Both Camouflage by Lupe Gómez, translated by Erín Moure, and Tell Me, Kenyalang: The Selected Poems of Kulleh Grasi, translated by Pauline Fan were longlisted for the 2020 Best Translated Book Award! You can read a piece about us at Project Plume.

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