Lupe Gómez

Poet and journalist Lupe Gómez was born in Fisteus, Galicia in 1972 and lives currently in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. Camouflage (Chan da Pólvora, 2017), her eleventh book, is already in its third printing in Galicia. It was awarded the prestigious Spanish Critics’ Prize for 2018 for poetry in Galician and the 2018 Gala do Libro Galego Prize for poetry. Her book of poems Pornography was translated into English by Rebeca Lema and Erín Moure and published in Germany in 2013. Gómez is acclaimed for her ability to weave images that startle, for her poetic confrontations with patriarchal thinking, tender and brave, and for the way her works celebrate and honor individual and collective life. Camouflage and Pornography appeared in Spanish (Castilian) translation in 2018.

Kulleh Grasi

Kulleh Grasi is the pen name of Royston John Kulleh, a poet, singer-songwriter and cultural activist of Iban descent from Kapit, Sarawak. Grasi is a founding member of Nading Rhapsody, an avant-garde Borneo band which draws from the oral traditions of Sarawak to create contemporary world music. His poems have been published in the Malay-English journal, Naratif | Kisah (2016). He was featured as a poet at the KL Literary Festival 2016 and at Nusi Poetry: Mosaic Memories in 2017, and as a poet and panelist at Yang Berani Hidup: Nusantara Festival of Malay Language and Literature 2017. He is currently working on a novel.

Severo Sarduy

Cuban writer Severo Sarduy was one of the most groundbreaking Latin American literary figures of the twentieth century. Gabriel García Márquez once called him the best writer in the Spanish language. Sarduy was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1937 and died due to complications with AIDS in 1993.