Translator Pauline Fan

Pauline Fan is a writer and literary translator from Malaysia. Her work has been published in Circumference: Poetry in Translation, Be Untexed, Arkana, Inventory, Orientierungen, Axon: Creative Explorations and JalanTelawi. She has translated works by Bertolt Brecht, Franz Kafka, Paul Celan and Charles Simic into Malay, and poetry by Georg Trakl, Else Lasker-Schüler, Joachim Sartorius and Zahid M. Naser into English. Fan was a literary columnist for Esquire Malaysia and Malaysiakini. She is editor of the English-Malay literary journal, Naratif | Kisah, and Malaysia editor for Lyrikline, a Berlin-based international poetry archive and network. She was co-curator for the George Town Literary Festival 2017, which won the London Book Fair’s International Excellence Award 2018 for Best Literary Festival. She serves as creative director of Pusaka, the Malaysian cultural heritage organisation.

Books translated by Pauline Fan

Tell Me, Kenyalang by Kulleh Grasi