Author Sotero Rivera Avilés

Sotero Rivera Avilés was a poet, critic, novelist, and essayist born in 1933 in Añasco, Puerto Rico. He co-founded the group Mester de poetas and the literary journal homónima (1967). His early works include various poetry books: Nostalgia (1957), Abandonos (1958), the unpublished typewritten manuscript El Pueblo Obscuro y una puerta al jardín (unknown date), and a journal titled 1963. In 1974 Rivera Avilés won the Premio Ventana for Cuaderno de tierra y hombre. Two years later he published the critical study, La generación del 60: Aproximaciones a tres autores (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 1976). It was followed by the publication of Nada pierdes, caballo viejo (Faena de remedios) in 1989. He passed away in 1994, leaving behind a wife, five children, and three grandchildren who became astronomers, poets, linguists, nature conservationists, psychologists, actors, singers, engineers, historians, and educators. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the mountains overlooking Humatas.

Books by Sotero Rivera Avilés

The Rust of History, translated by Raquel Salas Rivera