Awards continue!

We’re very pleased to note that Lupe Gómez's Camouflage, translated by Erín Moure, is now a finalist for the Best Translated Book Award in poetry for 2020! Congratulations! It is unfortunate that both of our books didn’t make the short list, but we understand that other presses do exist and they have to be fair to them.

Oh! And there's a very nice interview by Elaine Chiew of Pauline Fan and Kulleh Grasi about Tell Me, Kenyalang at the Asian Books Blog

Also, I think we forgot to note here that you can buy our books directly from our site now! Yes. There's a dedicated store page, or you can just click the buttons on any of the book pages. Buy these award-winning books early and often!

Circumference EditorsMay 12, 2020