Footwork is out!

David Francis’s translation of Severo Sarduy’s Footwork is out in the world! If you haven’t picked up a copy – or your local bookstore doesn’t have one – feel free to buy one from us! We’ll have some more background on the book up here soon. It took a while to get out into the world, but it’s worth the wait!

Also in the “we are slow” department: a very long time ago – November of 2019 – we heard friend of Circumference Eliot Weinberger give the keynote address at the George Town Literary Festival. You can read it online at Asymptote; it’s nice to see Pauline Fan’s translation of Kulleh Grasi's Tell Me Kenyalang get a mention there! Eliot Weinberger’s Angels & Saints is fantastic and you should pick up a copy of that if you haven’t already.

Dan ViselMarch 03, 2021