Singapore Writers Festival Wrap-Up

Kulleh Grasi, Pauline Fan, and Kulleh's band Nading Rhapsody all appeared at the Singapore Writers Festival this year. Some photos and videos for those who couldn't make it:

Translator Pauline Fan and poet Kulleh Grasi seeing the book for the first time.

Our book is real! And available in the festival bookstore.

Pauline Fan on a panel. It is impossible to make a panel look interesting, and the lighting of this one made it look like a prison interrogation.

Poet and translator and book, right before Nading Rhapsody's first performance.

Kulleh Grasi on a panel.

Kulleh Grasi being interviewed by Singaporean television after the performance – we should figure out whether this ever aired! Also Kulleh was interviewed about the book on Malaysian television last week, which we should also find.

Poet and translator after the show.

Circumference EditorsNovember 05, 2019