Snapshots from Work in Progress

The electronic version of Camouflage has taken longer than we expected it to! But it's on the way, and here are a couple of screenshots from the app in development:

The main screen of the app in an iPad simulator.

A spread from the book. Pressing the "English" and "Galician" buttons let you choose which languages you want to read in.

Just an English poem, in dark mode so you can read at night.

Erín Moure's introduction, in landscape mode.

What about the footnotes? you ask. Footnotes!

Also, for good measure, there's a settings page.

It's coming along! Any day now. This is being done in something called ReactNative, which will let us make both Android and iOS apps; and while the experience will probably be better on a tablet than a phone, it should work on phones too. If you're interested in beta testing, let me know? Potential Android tablet users would be particularly useful!

Circumference EditorsApril 15, 2019