We Always Have Poetry

We always have poetry. And reading can be a kind of company. So in this tenuous time, Circumference Books has decided to give free access to our first two books, Camouflage and Tell Me, Kenyalang. You can read both, for a while at least, online through our website. You can read both books at our subscribers page, here. Please feel free to share that link with others who might be interested!

We would also like to announce the third book we will publish, Footwork: Selected Poems of Severo Sarduy, translated from Spanish by David Francis. The book will come out in fall 2020, slightly later than originally planned, but it will be glorious.

Cuban writer Severo Sarduy was one of the most groundbreaking Latin American literary figures of the twentieth century. Gabriel García Márquez once called him the best writer in the Spanish language! Sarduy was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1937 and died due to complications with AIDS in 1993. David Francis serves as Dean of Grace Hopper College at Yale University, where he teaches in the Program on Ethnicity, Race, and Migration.

You can be the first to receive Footwork (which might not be the final name!) by becoming a subscriber to Circumference Books, which will get you that and whatever exciting thing we decide to publish as our fourth book. If you're behind, you can also pick up our first two books.

Circumference EditorsMarch 23, 2020